Popular Traditional Tangos.
          Dancing  is  moving   the   body  to  music  if   the   music
          doesn’t move the body how can one dance? This applies
          equally to Argentine  Tango dancing as  every other  form
          of  dancing.    Many  familiar  Golden  oldie  tangos  have
          become  popular  because  of  their  melodies  and  great
          dance rhythms.  These  often neglected by overly serious
                 tango DJs.  If you hear dancers say;
                                                “I love dancing to this tango”
           its  because it  inspires  them  to want  to  move  to  it.

Moderno Tangos (nuevo)

Dancing  Nuevo Tango is  less disciplined and more fun 
than  more  serious  old   fashioned   tango.     A master
at Tango  Nuevo is  Chicho Frumboli.

Nuevo  tango encourages  dancers to improvise, rather
 than mechanically copying lesson teachers. New steps 
and  movements  are  incorporated,  resulting  in  more
variations between dancers styles.                                 
Nuevo Tango is characterised  by a more opening  and
  closing  embrace, with  greater  fluidity of  movement. It 
demands  feel for  musicality and  there by  good tango
 music to dance to. This is enjoyable tango for the  21st