Specialising in mixs of popular traditional and modern dance tangos.

All dancing is moving the body to music if the music doesn't move the body how can one dance? This applies equally to Argentine Tango dancing as every other form of dancing. All too often I see Tango dancers endeavouring to dance to inappropriate tango music. There are many traditional and new tangos that are not for dancing but listening to. This difference must be understood by the DJ and these tangos avoided.

I believe it is the DJs job to play tangos, traditional and modern that have clear dance rhythms inspiring dancers to move with joy and pleasure. The DJ shares the joy of this experience and the electric energy it creates on the dance floor.

My approach as a DJ is shaped by over 30 years by my passion for dancing, teaching and playing tango music.  Music that honestly conveys emotion that lifts the heart can fortunately be found in many tangos, vals and milongas, traditional and modern. It is the skill of the DJ that brings them all together for a memorable Milonga.

The outstanding DJ understands the dance and what the majority of dancers at the milonga react to when certain tangos are played. It takes a lot of time listening and dancing to tango music. It is not for the DJ to play his own preference which for most DJs tends to be old tangos.  Favourite tangos should be part of the DJs mix allowing dancers to enjoy
familiar music.